You’ve both joined forces in order to find the first bit of infor­ma­tion about Sep­tem­ber 4. That’s right, prepa­ra­tions are well under­way for the amaz­ing, once-in-a-life­time date that awaits both of you on Sun­day, Sep­tem­ber 4, 2011. Unimag­in­able rewards will be yours, sim­ply because the two of you were the win­ning bid­ders in Kevin A. Barnes’ Date Auc­tion.

So you want to hear about the good stuff? Fair enough … here is the basic infor­ma­tion you’ll need to pre­pare for Sep­tem­ber 4:

Where and When:

Kevin will pick both of you up prompt­ly at 6:00 PM on Sun­day, Sep­tem­ber 4, 2011. To keep logis­tics sim­ple, Kevin asks that you both be wait­ing at Karen’s apart­ment and pre­pared to depart at that time.


The dress code for the evening of Sep­tem­ber 4 is “Smart Casu­al”. What does that mean? Dress in com­fort­able clothes sim­i­lar to what you would wear to a nice bistro or a hip ‘n’ trendy new club.

Jeans? As long as they’re in good shape.

Evening gown? That’s prob­a­bly a lit­tle too much.


The evening will include din­ner and dessert from one of Mil­wau­kee’s fore­most chefs/establishments, so bring your appetite! Oh, and there is a slim pos­si­bil­i­ty there might be wine.

Other Info:

Please bring your phone and/or cam­era and be pre­pared to take plen­ty of pho­tos dur­ing the evening. (No, not those kinds of pho­tos! Get your mind out of the gut­ter, you two …)

Oth­er ques­tions? Unfor­tu­nate­ly we’ve been sworn to silence by Kevin, so you’ll have to wait until Sep­tem­ber 4 to find out what enter­tain­ment and liba­tions he has planned for the two of you. But I think we’re safe in say­ing that this will be an evening you’ll thor­ough­ly enjoy … and aren’t like­ly to ever forget.